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Feeding your plants by using the proper feeding schedules is as important, if not more important, as using the proper nutrients. Following a good nutrient regime and keeping it simple will go a long way to ensure adequate uptake of all the essential nutrients. It is advisable not to use too many formulations as it may be very difficult to trace the exact cause of the problem if there are many additives and supplements in the nutrient mix. works.



Aurora Innovations
Roots Organics  Roots Organics Master Feed Schedule Soul Synthetics
Earth Juice
Hydro-Organics  Hydroponics  Ornamentals 
Shrubs and Trees  Turf  Vegetables

General Hydroponics
Simple Drain to Waste  Expert Drain to Waste  Simple Recirculating  
Expert Recirculating  Flora Nova   Flora Series    Maxi Series  Stand Alone Nutrients

  Hydro Feed   Soil Feed

Pro Blend Hydro   Pro Blend Soil   Botanicare - TriFlex
Other Schedules
Advanced Nutrients  House and Garden  BIOBIZZ  Ionic Roots Organics 
SuperNatural   Grotek  DynaGro Sunleaves  Technaflora  DutchMaster 
General Organics  Humboldt Nutrients  Hydrodynamics 
Organicare Atami BCUZZ  Hesi Nutrients  

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